Saturday, 13 July 2013

Can't believe it's been a year since I've blogged

 Well, I haven't posted to my blog for exactly a year now... shocking!  Here's a few pictures from the last 12 months 

(So I thought that I'd redesign my blog a little... Hope you like)

(In order on the photo) Amy, Sharon  and Sonja AKA The Vintage Vixens

Wearing the t-shirts with our logo that I designed

There are too many fabulous photos to post up in one go. Below is a selection

It has been busy busy busy... new job, new challenges, a dance show plus many, many outings & fabulous events with my ladies of The Vintage Vixens fame.

Setting myself the challenge of keeping my blog up dated....
(Who needs the new year for resolutions)

Expect a few catchup  blog entries for the past year.....

Still got the rest of my other bits to post up. dance shows, fashion finds & of course the other photos from my Frock on Friday challenge

Here goes...

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