Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Frock On Friday 2012 Catch-up

Last year I did a  charity fashion project that was to last for a whole year

I took a photo of myself wearing a dress each week & posted it up to Facebook every Friday.
It was called A Frock on Friday. (I've blogged a bit about it here before)

I never got the chance to post them to this blog last year, (I posted them to the Cancer Research Site and Facebook)

I'm going to repost the photos in months/four weeks worth of photos as a catch up & ready to start a brand new challenge

(Shouldn't take that long to catch up)

Hope you enjoy...


Week 1. Abstract print wrap dress

 Livin' the dream.... photo taken whilst shopping in a Supermarket.

Week 2. Monochrome Striped dress.

Taken at work whilst sorting out my display for textiles

Week 3 Green And Black Leopard Print flared dress

Dress worn on the Friday when cating the train to Beeston 

Health & safety point: Train is not moving....

Week 4. Denim Button Through Dress By Oasis

Perusing a menu whilst on a works night out.

Get ready for February's photos from the challenge....

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