Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Another Frock On Friday Catch-Up Weeks 25 to 28

Here's the next four photo's from the challenge
Week 25. Before the chaos of the day ensues..... 

Took photo at home as I was starting the day. (Please forgive the lack of make-up) Green fitted dress with a bow effect/ gathered feature on the waist.

(Just to add. It's not a party. my cat likes to play with the balloons...LOL)

Week 26. At the Nottingham Ice Arena waiting for the stadium to fill up in preparation for the arrival of the Olympic torch.

Note the machine on the ice...

Week 27. A trip to Brookfields garden centre to get some ideas on summer planting schemes.

Good job that part of the garden centre is under cover with the weather at the moment, the plants would be washed away if it wasn't...

Week 28. Out with some friends in a rather fitted little black dress (Note: there is a band playing in the background... think that I'm addicted to live music)

The next four in the challenge coming up soon....

My £20 Charity Shop Challenge

Today I fancied doing a bit of retail therapy. I'd set aside one day and a budget of a mere £20. As with most charity shop visits, it the luck of the draw on what you'll come home with. 
Sometimes you come home with  nothing, other times you hit the jackpot.

This time I was exceptionally lucky. 

Metallic finish leather mesh heeled court shoes

Three bangles (the blue one was actually carved) 

A vintage hand painted silk parasol

A pair of cherry print peep toe slingback shoes

Today's charity shop finds came in well under £20. In fact these items only came to a mere £11.25. 
Two of those items came from  the British Heart Foundation charity shop situated in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre in Nottingham City Centre

  Here's the shop. 
(It's one of my favourite city centre charity shops)

Can you spot my 'new to me'  cherry print shoes?

Me with my  'new to me' parasol in the security mirror

Rather pleased..... :-)

Monday, 5 August 2013

1940's Knees Up At The Brewhouse Yard

Earlier in the year, my good friend and fellow member of The Vintage Vixens, Amy, and I went along to the 1940s knees-up. This is an annual event held at the Brewhouse Yard museum, near Nottingham Castle.

A lovely accessible 'vintage' event, perfect for those just getting into the vintage style scene, those keen longtime enthusiasts like myself or just general members of the public.

There was a general wartime feel with people dressed up in military clothing with old vehicles as well as dances and vintage items on sale.

Here are a few photos expertly taken by Amy McAskell 

Two thirds of The Vintage Vixens

Wartime Treats

Amy settling down for our traditional picnic

A fantastic atmosphere

Boys in blue 

Perfect for families

Even the children were encouraged to dress up

Vintage Vehicles 

The sweetshop. Collect your sweet rations here

Hope to see you there next year....

A big thankyou to Amy McAskell for the use of your photographs

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Another Frock On Friday Catch-Up. Weeks 21 to 24

Here's the next four photos of my Frock On Friday challenge..... 
Week 21. In an oriental print shift dress. Photo taken at work, preparing to teach a Food Technology lesson on pastry products....

Week 22. A trip to the Theatre Royal in Nottingham wearing a Nautical dress. South Pacific was the show. Utterly fantastic & well worth seeing.

Week 23. Preparing to make the trek up Ben Nevis, Scotland... (It's the mountain that's seen in the background) 

I've had this dress since I was 15... rather pleased as it still fits me! By the way, did you spot the Tartan print tights?

Week 24. Still in my work clothes and a quick visit to the shops. Didn't expect the giant puddle on my return to the car. Weather was so windy that handling the umbrella became a major battle.

Nearly at the halfway point... will post the next four soon

Saturday, 3 August 2013

My New 1950's Style Red Denim Jeans

I'm not really a wearer of trousers but I do wear jeans.

I  do own other 'vintage style' jeans, but had heard some great things about certain reproduction brands

I thought I'd give the high waisted 1950's style jeans a try. These jeans are made by Vivien Of Holloway

Before ordering them, I wasn't to sure on two accounts, one is the leg length (I'm only 5 foot 2 inches in height). 

The other was the fact that the high waist might emphasise the size of my bottom. 

I actually love them They make my waist look so small and seem to elongate my legs.

Think that as soon as funds allow, I'll be buying the blue denim ones too.

(Excuse the mess of my room, I just wanted to try them on as soon as I got them through the post)

Here's a picture of 
the back....  Love the cute rear pockets and the darts that shape so perfectly

Really like how they appear to emphasise my waist

Just the right weight of fabric for use in summer.

The cut is fantastically flattering. Nicely tapered, and allow for a lovely turn up at the hem.

 Can't wait to go out in them.

I'll post better, prettier photos soon.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Another Frock On Friday Catch-Up. Weeks 17 to 20

Slowly getting there with the catch-up photos from my whole year challenge. Here's the next four weeks worth....

Week 17. Taking a few moments out to check that there's enough screen wash in the car... suitably attired, naturally.

Week 18. Glammed up in one of my Leopard print dresses at the Imelda May concert at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. (A version of Snow leopard print this time)

Week 19. In an asymmetrical pink tulip skirted dress taken at the HoochieCoochie Nottingham

Week 20. In the market square. Nottingham. Standing near one of the Lions... Both of us rockin' a bit of a Feline vibe!

So not quite half way through..... I'll post the next four up pretty soon.

A Summertime Trip To Stonebridge City Farm

I took my daughter and her friend to visit this lovely inner-city treasure.

Stonebridge City Farm is a small slice of the  good old fashioned countryside in the heart of the City of Nottingham!

It's also excellent value for money... Free to visit and open every day

(As it's actually a charity, I always like to leave a small donation to help...)

The site is accessible to all – Young, old, those in between, families with young children, people with disabilities.

 The farm itself is  very wheelchair friendly. 
Really impressed!

Here are a few of the photos that I took of the day....

One thing for certain is that we'll be back.... I quite like the sound of the bee keeping course!