Saturday, 3 August 2013

My New 1950's Style Red Denim Jeans

I'm not really a wearer of trousers but I do wear jeans.

I  do own other 'vintage style' jeans, but had heard some great things about certain reproduction brands

I thought I'd give the high waisted 1950's style jeans a try. These jeans are made by Vivien Of Holloway

Before ordering them, I wasn't to sure on two accounts, one is the leg length (I'm only 5 foot 2 inches in height). 

The other was the fact that the high waist might emphasise the size of my bottom. 

I actually love them They make my waist look so small and seem to elongate my legs.

Think that as soon as funds allow, I'll be buying the blue denim ones too.

(Excuse the mess of my room, I just wanted to try them on as soon as I got them through the post)

Here's a picture of 
the back....  Love the cute rear pockets and the darts that shape so perfectly

Really like how they appear to emphasise my waist

Just the right weight of fabric for use in summer.

The cut is fantastically flattering. Nicely tapered, and allow for a lovely turn up at the hem.

 Can't wait to go out in them.

I'll post better, prettier photos soon.

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