Sunday, 4 August 2013

Another Frock On Friday Catch-Up. Weeks 21 to 24

Here's the next four photos of my Frock On Friday challenge..... 
Week 21. In an oriental print shift dress. Photo taken at work, preparing to teach a Food Technology lesson on pastry products....

Week 22. A trip to the Theatre Royal in Nottingham wearing a Nautical dress. South Pacific was the show. Utterly fantastic & well worth seeing.

Week 23. Preparing to make the trek up Ben Nevis, Scotland... (It's the mountain that's seen in the background) 

I've had this dress since I was 15... rather pleased as it still fits me! By the way, did you spot the Tartan print tights?

Week 24. Still in my work clothes and a quick visit to the shops. Didn't expect the giant puddle on my return to the car. Weather was so windy that handling the umbrella became a major battle.

Nearly at the halfway point... will post the next four soon

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