Sunday, 8 July 2012

Walk a mile in my shoes???

Well, they are pretty good!

Noticed a trend. I tend to binge buy shoes.

For me shoes are a bit like buses.

You don't see any for ages, then you get three in quick succession....

That's what's happened here

I treated myself to these fabulous fluffy marabou mule slippers...

Outragously kitsch, but I love them!

 Also bought a pair of shoes that I'd been after for an absolute age...

Brown suede and pony skin Brothel Creepers.

Love them with my skinny jeans.... So practical too.

OK,  so it's not typical vintage styling for ladies, but fantastic for when you have to chase after your autistic son when he's just done a runner, and still stamps a little bit of the vibe on your outfit.

But then, I do like these little peep toe leopard print wedges  with the skinny jeans too (Bought these a couple of weeks ago)

....and I can actually run in them for a short distance, if I have to!

Binge over.

They do say things happen in threes!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rediscovering My Tresses.

My hair is the longest it been since I can remember. I feel that I've rediscovered its versatility .
It's currently nigh on waist length. 
Straight & rather difficult to curl or to hold a wave. 

Really like trying new hairstyles with a vintage feel. Here's some recent  photos,

Experiment after accidentally spraying with XXL Batiste dry shampoo.  
(Had meant to give it a quick blast with the standard formula)  So much body, but....

 ......had to create a quick up-do to cover my Dry Shampoo blunder. 
Rather pleased & will try this again!

Quite like having the front elevated into either a quiff or a faux fringe  

Variation on a theme: Quiff with hair down

...& with a fascinator

...& in it's natural state

I feel that I've been very fortunate with my hair. With the colour, the texture & how versatile it it. It's really low maintenance. On a daily basis, it's just a case of 'wash & go' 
....I  mostly let it dry naturally.  

Looking forward to having a styling consultation with the lovely team at Bella Me. They specialise in Vintage hair styles... can't wait!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

My 2012 Charity Fashion Challenge... So Far!

My Frock on Friday challenge for 

Cancer Research

A project for the whole of 2012...

Can't believe that it's over 12 years since I lost my mother to Cancer....
Felt I should do something to support those that support others during this difficult time

Here's my attempt to help raise funds....

Photo journal: One photo per week for one whole year.
 (Photo will be from the week from Friday to Friday, but I'll try to get a photo on the Friday when ever possible)

A bit like a frock of the week.... I do collect Vintage, retro & reproduction clothing, after all!

The challenge??? Photo must be of me, dressed a dress/frock of some description.

To be posted every Friday.
The official definition of the word FROCK
frock [frÉ’k]
1. (Clothing & Fashion) a woman's dress 

 You can donate directly to this official Cancer Research website

Thanks for your support so far....

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Love Re-Kindled.

My Revamped Ercol Furniture Comes Home

Well, is it wrong to love inanimate objects?

It's not totally finished as far as the full 'dressing' of the room, but I can honestly say that I am delighted with the work that Vale Upholstery, Nottingham, Ltd have done with my Ercol furniture.

So glad that I chose the red!

I asked them if they could make a detachable sleeve for the arm as my autistic son had a tendency to chew things (Furniture included!)

Finally, a chance to show off my tapestry style tattoo cushions

Excuse the mess and wires (still need to do some sorting out) but this is the other side of the room showing the second high backed chair & light-box cube

It's given the whole room a great new energised feel. 
I guess it the balance of mixing the best components from both the old and new...

And of course, adding a little bit of Kitsch into the mix for good measure....

What do you think?

Friday, 23 March 2012

Garden Kitsch 'N' Tat...

Mothering Sunday Gift of Sheep....
Such a lovely sunny day. What better way to distract yourself from the work that you should be getting on with than to wander around your garden having a look at your garden ornaments. (Well, everyone needs to take a break from time to time...)

Some might say they're Kitsch & low value in both taste & in price. 
Well, I suppose they are!

Cat Planters

I'm not going to say that much today. I just thought I'd take the photos and share!

Easter Island Man
Easter Island man...

...& his profile close-up

Outside Clock

An Vintage style outdoor clock

Just to tell the time

Hiding a washing line post with a broken crockery mosaic

I was sick of seeing an old concrete post.... I decorated it!

Cat Ornament
Love the way he's peeking out of the plants...

...little birds

The ceramic versions of the birds that visit our garden the most 

A fairy on a Tortoise, of course!

Thought this was odd, liked it. Bought it! 
(A charity shop find)

A rusty nosed Sausage dog boot scrapper

Doesn't get used that often, but I love the way it's rusting

Do you know which one is Bill, and which one is Ben?
... & I'm not sure where Little Weed has gone
One of these is Bill....

... the other is Ben. But I'm not sure whos's who!

Gnomes.... I love them!!!!

... & you HAVE to have at least one Gnome!

... & I have TWO! (So far!)

Gardens needs a bit of 
Kitsch, Tat and BLING!

I can't be the only person that put glistening gems on top of the soil, can I?

Well, maybe not... but it is fun finding little bits of tat to display around the garden!

The only value they have is that they make people smile
Hope that they've made you smile today

Wish List Items....

A Weather Vane, things that have structure but go rusty, Flamingos and more gnomes!

I'll be checking out Ebay, Amazon Uk & local Charity shops for more Garden Kitsch


Will post soon

Monday, 19 March 2012

Home, Sweet Retro Home....( Project Ercol Studio Couch & Chairs)

I've had this lovely Original Ercol Studio Couch for ages. (Well should I say that I jumped at the chance of claiming it from my Mother-in-law after she'd finished with it)
Well I got a phone call today from the firm that I'm having it reupholstered from today saying that we're getting it back this week. I had planned to recover it myself., but then decided that I wanted to really enjoy the Sofa and for it not to become a bind to complete.The company that we're using is Vale Upholstery based in Nottingham. A full pampering for this beautifully sturdy specimen of  a 1960's classic. French polishing, re-webbing & covering in an anti-bactericidal mock leather in what other colour than red! (See the choices) 

Almost went for a retro-tastic caramel colour but the vibrancy of the red was too much to resist. Already started to 'dress' the room that it's to go in.   Here's me standing in there (or maybe I  should say striking a pose???) 

My original 'Lynch' Tina print takes pride of place on the wall... Just need a Sunburst clock really... oh and maybe  an old style telephone. Just to put next to my glass 'Three Wise Monkeys'....

Hope to have the sofa bed plus the two Ercol high back chairs revitalised, reunited and back at home by the week-end.

Expect a post about it soon!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Yesteryear Today: My Brand New Blog

Hi there. So here it is. My brand new blog. Focusing on all those things that really make me, ME!

It's the place that I'll be wittering on about my latest projects & makes, vintage finds, things that I find interesting & events that I've been to...

Those that have known me a long time will know that I've been into all things retro & vintage since I went to sixth form college (Many moons ago!) I even recently found a few photos of me then sporting sailor dresses, circle skirts, bee hive hair-do's & even straw boater hats. Well it didn't stop there. It ended up extending to things from furniture & music, right up to a love of kitsch...

Thought that it would be fun to start to write about it! So it's Yesteryear Today. All things Retro & Vintage,  was around then, but is so very now