Friday, 23 March 2012

Garden Kitsch 'N' Tat...

Mothering Sunday Gift of Sheep....
Such a lovely sunny day. What better way to distract yourself from the work that you should be getting on with than to wander around your garden having a look at your garden ornaments. (Well, everyone needs to take a break from time to time...)

Some might say they're Kitsch & low value in both taste & in price. 
Well, I suppose they are!

Cat Planters

I'm not going to say that much today. I just thought I'd take the photos and share!

Easter Island Man
Easter Island man...

...& his profile close-up

Outside Clock

An Vintage style outdoor clock

Just to tell the time

Hiding a washing line post with a broken crockery mosaic

I was sick of seeing an old concrete post.... I decorated it!

Cat Ornament
Love the way he's peeking out of the plants...

...little birds

The ceramic versions of the birds that visit our garden the most 

A fairy on a Tortoise, of course!

Thought this was odd, liked it. Bought it! 
(A charity shop find)

A rusty nosed Sausage dog boot scrapper

Doesn't get used that often, but I love the way it's rusting

Do you know which one is Bill, and which one is Ben?
... & I'm not sure where Little Weed has gone
One of these is Bill....

... the other is Ben. But I'm not sure whos's who!

Gnomes.... I love them!!!!

... & you HAVE to have at least one Gnome!

... & I have TWO! (So far!)

Gardens needs a bit of 
Kitsch, Tat and BLING!

I can't be the only person that put glistening gems on top of the soil, can I?

Well, maybe not... but it is fun finding little bits of tat to display around the garden!

The only value they have is that they make people smile
Hope that they've made you smile today

Wish List Items....

A Weather Vane, things that have structure but go rusty, Flamingos and more gnomes!

I'll be checking out Ebay, Amazon Uk & local Charity shops for more Garden Kitsch


Will post soon

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