Monday, 19 March 2012

Home, Sweet Retro Home....( Project Ercol Studio Couch & Chairs)

I've had this lovely Original Ercol Studio Couch for ages. (Well should I say that I jumped at the chance of claiming it from my Mother-in-law after she'd finished with it)
Well I got a phone call today from the firm that I'm having it reupholstered from today saying that we're getting it back this week. I had planned to recover it myself., but then decided that I wanted to really enjoy the Sofa and for it not to become a bind to complete.The company that we're using is Vale Upholstery based in Nottingham. A full pampering for this beautifully sturdy specimen of  a 1960's classic. French polishing, re-webbing & covering in an anti-bactericidal mock leather in what other colour than red! (See the choices) 

Almost went for a retro-tastic caramel colour but the vibrancy of the red was too much to resist. Already started to 'dress' the room that it's to go in.   Here's me standing in there (or maybe I  should say striking a pose???) 

My original 'Lynch' Tina print takes pride of place on the wall... Just need a Sunburst clock really... oh and maybe  an old style telephone. Just to put next to my glass 'Three Wise Monkeys'....

Hope to have the sofa bed plus the two Ercol high back chairs revitalised, reunited and back at home by the week-end.

Expect a post about it soon!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished sofa in situ

  2. It's not totally finished, but is certainly getting there...
    Just posted some picture to my blog.