Sunday, 18 March 2012

Yesteryear Today: My Brand New Blog

Hi there. So here it is. My brand new blog. Focusing on all those things that really make me, ME!

It's the place that I'll be wittering on about my latest projects & makes, vintage finds, things that I find interesting & events that I've been to...

Those that have known me a long time will know that I've been into all things retro & vintage since I went to sixth form college (Many moons ago!) I even recently found a few photos of me then sporting sailor dresses, circle skirts, bee hive hair-do's & even straw boater hats. Well it didn't stop there. It ended up extending to things from furniture & music, right up to a love of kitsch...

Thought that it would be fun to start to write about it! So it's Yesteryear Today. All things Retro & Vintage,  was around then, but is so very now

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