Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Another Frock On Friday Catch-Up. Weeks 17 to 20

Slowly getting there with the catch-up photos from my whole year challenge. Here's the next four weeks worth....

Week 17. Taking a few moments out to check that there's enough screen wash in the car... suitably attired, naturally.

Week 18. Glammed up in one of my Leopard print dresses at the Imelda May concert at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. (A version of Snow leopard print this time)

Week 19. In an asymmetrical pink tulip skirted dress taken at the HoochieCoochie Nottingham

Week 20. In the market square. Nottingham. Standing near one of the Lions... Both of us rockin' a bit of a Feline vibe!

So not quite half way through..... I'll post the next four up pretty soon.

A Summertime Trip To Stonebridge City Farm

I took my daughter and her friend to visit this lovely inner-city treasure.

Stonebridge City Farm is a small slice of the  good old fashioned countryside in the heart of the City of Nottingham!

It's also excellent value for money... Free to visit and open every day

(As it's actually a charity, I always like to leave a small donation to help...)

The site is accessible to all – Young, old, those in between, families with young children, people with disabilities.

 The farm itself is  very wheelchair friendly. 
Really impressed!

Here are a few of the photos that I took of the day....

One thing for certain is that we'll be back.... I quite like the sound of the bee keeping course!

Another 'A Frock On Friday' Catch Up. Weeks 13 to 16

Here are the next four photos from the challenge

Week 13. Making the most of the glorious weather, squinting into the sunshine wearing a Stripy shift dress. 

Week 14. A trip to Hockley & the Lace Market to look at some of the Vintage shops around there.

Two tone jersey striped dress. (I think I have a thing for stripes!!!)

Week 15. Loading the mixer... but not in the kitchen!

(Dresses in a 1950's dress complete with frothy petticoat)

Week 16. Tattoo art inspired print dress

Photo taken whilst looking at Vintage clothing at the Plessey Club. The band, 'Crash The Party' was playing there that night

Next four to be posted soon... remember, it's 52 photos in the challenge.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Thinking About The Twinwood Festival

Last year, I attended the Twinwood Festival with my good friend and fellow member of The Vintage Vixens, Sonja

For those that have never heard of this event, The Twinwood Festival, is an annual vintage music festival, held every August bank holiday weekend at Twinwood Arena in Clapham, Bedfordshire

It also 
incorporates the Glenn Miller Festival of Swing, Jazz and Jive! 

A fantastic event. I believe that it's the largest vintage festival in the UK.

Two thirds of The Vintage Vixens. 
(Sonja and myself wearing our Carmen Ghia and The Hotrods T-Shirts)

Carmen Ghia and The Hotrods

Plenty of room to dance to some amazing live music

Many people dressed up to maintain the spirit of the event

A special Sunday service to remember those lost in battle

Old and new soldiers with a common cause

I couldn't resist having a go myself at re-enacting

and as I said before, lots of dancing to live music.

There's even the opportunity  to mingle with some of the acts

Here I am with the Jive Aces

...& the bandleader John Miller 

The melodic Fleur De Paris

The fabulous 1940's style song bird that is Luna Nightingale

The lovely Lola Lamour

The amazing talent that is Max Raabe

This is only a snippet of what there is.

So much to see and do...

Great festival, great music, great people, great memories. 

Now all's I've got to do is decide if I'm going this year.
(I've left it far to late to book accommodation, so if I am, I'll have to camp)

I reckon I will.... Now, I wonder where I could buy a decent, but reasonably priced pop-up tent

Another Catch-up Post For My Frock On Friday Challenge (Weeks 9 to 12)

This time, the dresses for the four weeks through the month of March

Week 9. Coffee bean print belted shift dress

Still in work clobber... but photo taken today in my conservatory.... (How posh!)

Sorry about the not so good photo quality.... I blame my mobile phone!

Week 10. A lace overlay wiggle dress

Pale cream with Black lace overlay wiggle dress. Had for ages (at least over 10 years) and is one of my favourites.

Worn in week 10 at the Space Cadets gig last Saturday.... & you will most definitely see it in a photo again

Week 11. An abstract large houndstooth print pencil dress

Almost didn't go out & do this, but so glad I did!

A photo of a hound-tooth print dress at The Selecter gig at Rock City. Photo taken by a lovely lady called Amanda that I met.

Week 12. A snakeskin print belted shift dress

Work clothing again. Snakeskin print shift dress. Taken in my Living room. Note: Spot my rather snazzy Zebra print cat bed & the essential retro- luscious leather bean bag.

Slowly getting there with my catch-up posts to this blog...

Next, the dresses around April time

Monday, 22 July 2013

My Very Own Mini Beauty Parlour At The Green's Windmill & Science Centre

I'm not actually a hairdresser by profession, but I did do a beauty and makeup qualification as a hobby many years ago. When I was asked to help out at a 1940's food swap & wartime event at the Famous Green's Windmill and Science Centre, I jumped at the chance.
Friends (and strangers) have always complimented me on how I style my own hair in   vintage styles, &  I'm used to having quite a bit of practice on both friends & family.

I was confident that I could do a good job.  I did learn a lot of styling techniques from my own mother, so when it was suggested that I  should run a mini beauty parlour at the event, I knew I should give it a go

My Mini Beauty parlour was very low key deliberately to fit in with the wartime theme of the day

...& was just across from the historical, working windmill designed by the famous Nottingham born Mathematician. 

Music & a food swap together with some great people, all entering into the spirit of the day.

(The food swap is a regular event at The Green's Windmill)

Street party on the cobbles

Tea & cakes

...even some incredible  three dimensional dinosaur biscuits 

(So OK, maybe not quite wartime, but the kiddies loved them)

Here's a selection of my fabulous customers

Thank you ladies.... XXX

So pleased that all of my customers loved their transformation... & they've  asked me back for their next event.