Monday, 22 July 2013

My Very Own Mini Beauty Parlour At The Green's Windmill & Science Centre

I'm not actually a hairdresser by profession, but I did do a beauty and makeup qualification as a hobby many years ago. When I was asked to help out at a 1940's food swap & wartime event at the Famous Green's Windmill and Science Centre, I jumped at the chance.
Friends (and strangers) have always complimented me on how I style my own hair in   vintage styles, &  I'm used to having quite a bit of practice on both friends & family.

I was confident that I could do a good job.  I did learn a lot of styling techniques from my own mother, so when it was suggested that I  should run a mini beauty parlour at the event, I knew I should give it a go

My Mini Beauty parlour was very low key deliberately to fit in with the wartime theme of the day

...& was just across from the historical, working windmill designed by the famous Nottingham born Mathematician. 

Music & a food swap together with some great people, all entering into the spirit of the day.

(The food swap is a regular event at The Green's Windmill)

Street party on the cobbles

Tea & cakes

...even some incredible  three dimensional dinosaur biscuits 

(So OK, maybe not quite wartime, but the kiddies loved them)

Here's a selection of my fabulous customers

Thank you ladies.... XXX

So pleased that all of my customers loved their transformation... & they've  asked me back for their next event.


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