Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Another Catch-up Post For My Frock On Friday Challenge (Weeks 9 to 12)

This time, the dresses for the four weeks through the month of March

Week 9. Coffee bean print belted shift dress

Still in work clobber... but photo taken today in my conservatory.... (How posh!)

Sorry about the not so good photo quality.... I blame my mobile phone!

Week 10. A lace overlay wiggle dress

Pale cream with Black lace overlay wiggle dress. Had for ages (at least over 10 years) and is one of my favourites.

Worn in week 10 at the Space Cadets gig last Saturday.... & you will most definitely see it in a photo again

Week 11. An abstract large houndstooth print pencil dress

Almost didn't go out & do this, but so glad I did!

A photo of a hound-tooth print dress at The Selecter gig at Rock City. Photo taken by a lovely lady called Amanda that I met.

Week 12. A snakeskin print belted shift dress

Work clothing again. Snakeskin print shift dress. Taken in my Living room. Note: Spot my rather snazzy Zebra print cat bed & the essential retro- luscious leather bean bag.

Slowly getting there with my catch-up posts to this blog...

Next, the dresses around April time

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