Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Thinking About The Twinwood Festival

Last year, I attended the Twinwood Festival with my good friend and fellow member of The Vintage Vixens, Sonja

For those that have never heard of this event, The Twinwood Festival, is an annual vintage music festival, held every August bank holiday weekend at Twinwood Arena in Clapham, Bedfordshire

It also 
incorporates the Glenn Miller Festival of Swing, Jazz and Jive! 

A fantastic event. I believe that it's the largest vintage festival in the UK.

Two thirds of The Vintage Vixens. 
(Sonja and myself wearing our Carmen Ghia and The Hotrods T-Shirts)

Carmen Ghia and The Hotrods

Plenty of room to dance to some amazing live music

Many people dressed up to maintain the spirit of the event

A special Sunday service to remember those lost in battle

Old and new soldiers with a common cause

I couldn't resist having a go myself at re-enacting

and as I said before, lots of dancing to live music.

There's even the opportunity  to mingle with some of the acts

Here I am with the Jive Aces

...& the bandleader John Miller 

The melodic Fleur De Paris

The fabulous 1940's style song bird that is Luna Nightingale

The lovely Lola Lamour

The amazing talent that is Max Raabe

This is only a snippet of what there is.

So much to see and do...

Great festival, great music, great people, great memories. 

Now all's I've got to do is decide if I'm going this year.
(I've left it far to late to book accommodation, so if I am, I'll have to camp)

I reckon I will.... Now, I wonder where I could buy a decent, but reasonably priced pop-up tent

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