Sunday, 8 July 2012

Walk a mile in my shoes???

Well, they are pretty good!

Noticed a trend. I tend to binge buy shoes.

For me shoes are a bit like buses.

You don't see any for ages, then you get three in quick succession....

That's what's happened here

I treated myself to these fabulous fluffy marabou mule slippers...

Outragously kitsch, but I love them!

 Also bought a pair of shoes that I'd been after for an absolute age...

Brown suede and pony skin Brothel Creepers.

Love them with my skinny jeans.... So practical too.

OK,  so it's not typical vintage styling for ladies, but fantastic for when you have to chase after your autistic son when he's just done a runner, and still stamps a little bit of the vibe on your outfit.

But then, I do like these little peep toe leopard print wedges  with the skinny jeans too (Bought these a couple of weeks ago)

....and I can actually run in them for a short distance, if I have to!

Binge over.

They do say things happen in threes!


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