Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Another Frock On Friday Catch-Up Weeks 25 to 28

Here's the next four photo's from the challenge
Week 25. Before the chaos of the day ensues..... 

Took photo at home as I was starting the day. (Please forgive the lack of make-up) Green fitted dress with a bow effect/ gathered feature on the waist.

(Just to add. It's not a party. my cat likes to play with the balloons...LOL)

Week 26. At the Nottingham Ice Arena waiting for the stadium to fill up in preparation for the arrival of the Olympic torch.

Note the machine on the ice...

Week 27. A trip to Brookfields garden centre to get some ideas on summer planting schemes.

Good job that part of the garden centre is under cover with the weather at the moment, the plants would be washed away if it wasn't...

Week 28. Out with some friends in a rather fitted little black dress (Note: there is a band playing in the background... think that I'm addicted to live music)

The next four in the challenge coming up soon....

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